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schoolz tom ºxº

Yup! Got Watkins school tomorrow, so I ish happy! I stay there from 10am till 4pm so it isn't that bad. And it is only for three weeks. My first class is at 10 and my other two don't start till 2pm or something. But my mom is making me stay -_- I'm taking photography, digital art/animation, and painting. I hope to see some regular faces there and I hope that teh' hot en' sezzy Chris is there >3 he was such a cool artist when I met him and he was so sweet to me! He does comics. Kinda Marvel style but tons better. Chris also did some real cool demons and such, would have paid him to draw me something but he said that wouldn't be fair. Didn't think he was good enough or something I guess. º3º All in all I bet it is going to be fun. And if any of ya'll or going let me know!
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