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Finally found something to ease my boredom this summer and hat is watching the Drew Barymore show XD Surprisingly I don't know why I never watched that show b4, I used to hate it. Normally I watch cartoons and the only sitcoms I really watch are Fresh Prince of Belliar, Moesha, and Family Matters.

did allot of realistic sketches today! woot and they look pretty good I think :) Well for first tries anyway. But I find that doing realism is actually kinda fun! Maybe it is cause I'm no longer doing the normal anime and chibi stuff that I do. Speaking of drawings devart deleated my nibble bits picky! ;_; Personally I think that is unfair cause there are allot more pornographic picks in other people's galleries then mine. I only had one and I even made the Parental Advisory as my preview so that when people clicked on my gallery, the wouldn't see the unblocked image. Personally I think I was being allot more safe and well garded about my artwork than most people. >> Well I guess it don't matter cause I could always put a link of it here X) heee hee they can't stop me! XD

hmm.. I've been wanting a dog lately O_o got some breeds that I want marked down and everything ^^; Still wouldn't be able to have one though cause our yard isn't fenced in. Told mom we could get an electric fence but she just dislikees dogs period. my dad loves them, but sadly his opinions rarely overide mom's -_-
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