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so gay :D

Man I'm back into digimon sad to say, but I doubted that I would ever get out of it in the first place to be honest! It's just so much better then pokemon and has a much better plot I think, also who could ignore the good poju/shonen-ai/yaoi couples that they have there ;p ahhh.. Daisuke X Ken <3 love me some Takeru to hee hee. Don't know why but it is the only yaoi stuff that I never tire of. Hikari is also a cutie. for a girl that is :D So anyways i'm going to be doind some fanart of them possibly and some of the cooler digimon. Like Angimon and Flamedramon. Reminded me of a cool pick that Aya did of Flamedramon, you should upload it cause it beith really coo. nother interesting factoid is that the digomon games, show, and v-pets came out 2 years b4 pokemon so in all reality, pokemon is the ripoff of digimon! People always get tha mixed up >_<

Did pretty good on my diet today! :D Ate only 3 main meals but I did eat some dessert ;-; so next time I will have to beware! ha ha
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