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Sora Sora Sora!!! :D

Oi! I think i've just been in a crazy otaku mood these past two months >p But I love it! Looking at some kingdom hearts wallpaper + drawing realism + keale = major sora fandomness heehee! i'm doodling him right now actually, he ish looking all sad and pitifull ;-; never did him like that and for it to turn out so good! Oi! Also did it in some perspective of him looking up at us and the rest of his body getting smaller near the ground. It is just so fun, eyes turned out good to ;p

Fetta cheese is the bombdiggity >D my sister bought some a few days ago and I just now tried it, man it be furking good! Think i'm going to skip breakfest tommorow while I'm at it. Got a perm anyways and I found that not eating puts me to sleep in the chair which is a good thing. Well I be off homies and such bla bla love ya's!

PS : this is for a friend to find my artsite, he comes by my LJ often and since I don't have his email I think it best to post me site here :3
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