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so much fun

working on my lil' guineapig Cheech, he is going to be sitting on a red ball or something idk. Anywho I shoule be done with it by tom afternoon or early this morning. Then i'm going to work on a Sora picku and perhaps some HP fanart to. Idk at the moment *shrug* all in if I feel like it :D

anywho my new crase for the moment is "the Corpse Bride" a new tim Burton film that keale turned me onto. I personally think it is going to be great. Just for the fact tha Burton did more claymation like Nightmare b4 X-mas annd he has Jhonny D. as the main character. Want to go see it with Rae or Aya an' buds.

noticed that I'm getting alot more pae veiws on devart. Perhaps thanx to Evan and his tampon XD People seem to really like it, but it dosn't bother me if they did or didn't cause I like it and that is what counts. My pageveiws are also rising o-O alot...
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