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needles in my eye

Eugh… had to wake up extra early to go to they eye doctor so I didn’t have much fun… -_- so I stayed there for about 3 hours or so while they did some weird stuff to my eyes. Like stick micro needles in there and stuff. O-o Didn’t feel a thing which was the odd part lol. I’m getting new glasses to, they are purple and my mom say they look better on me anyways. I don’t really think that cause glasses never flatter anyone’s face in my opinion. ^^;

Hmm…. Was going to go to church tonight for free pizza but I decided to miss out and skate instead. Haven’t been to church in a while but I did go this past Sunday. Sadly since I’m insignificant, barely anybody recognized me at all so I felt kinda bad in the end. That is ok though, most of them are asshats anyways.

my and Andrew are talking about going to the horror fest that is comming up this Oct. Josh, Jeremy, Ron, Veinette, Josh, Matt, Sam, Brian, and Author went last year but I couldn't go ;_; If my job dosn't get in the way I'm definatly going. Major + is that Lark said shit is uber cheep there so yaz, happy me :)
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